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Arrange Financing! . . . Professional Financial Associates Welcomes YOU . . . . .Now YOU Can Own Your Own Full-Service Financial Brokerage Business . . . . Arrange Loans, Discount-Mortgages, Leasing, Start-Up-Financing, Venture Capital, Corporate Finance & Many Other Financial Services. . .. . Start earning Top Commissions IMMEDIATELY. . . . Increase YOUR Income . . . . Calling ALL Loan Brokers, Money Brokers, Leasing Agents, Money Finders, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Realtors, CPA's, Financial Planners, Attorneys, Stock Brokers, Credit Advisors .... Start Up Your Own Turn-Key Loan & Credit Business offering Loans, Leases, Discount Mortgages, Cash-Outs, Venture Capital, International Corporate Finance, Personal Unsecured & Secured Loans, Debt Consolidation, Import & Export, Accounts Receivable, Contract & Purchase Order Financing. . . . Low Start-Up Costs . . . . Earn a Six Figure Income As A Loan Consultant . . . . Work From Home or Office either Full or Part-Time . . . . Increase YOUR Income TODAY!!!


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Reg Loan Broker FAQ
Registered Loan Broker Home Training Program


 Interested in A Loan Broker, Money Broker, Mortgage Broker Home Business?
Welcome to Professional Financial Associate's
                                                Loan Broker Home Business Training Program - Own Your Own Full Service Financial Loan Broker-age - work full or part time from home or office
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Earn A Six Figure Income-Work At Home Or Your Own Home Business Office

                Arrange Financing, Loans, Leases, Discount Mortgages
For Yourself OR start your own Full Service Financial Loan Brokerage Firm®!   

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    This is THE #1 Hottest New Turn-Key Career Income Home Business Opportunity    
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 You've Found THE Most Complete Loan Brokers Training Course Available Anywhere!

Entrepreneurs: Increase Your Income Brokering Loans as a Loan Consultant!

You'll be trained to Broker Financing of ALL Types; Mortgage Loans, Business Loans & Leases, Equipment Leases, Discount Mortgages, Cash-Outs, Venture Capital, Joint-Venture, Import - Export, Contract & Purchase Order Financing, Personal/Signature Loans, Debt Consolidation, Accounts Receivable Factoring, International Corporate Finance, assist in establishing or re-establishing credit and more!!

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The PFA Full Service Approach to Owning & Operating Your Own
Full Service Financial Brokerage Firm®

PFA offers a variety of financial service programs through the      PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®   Yes, this one program covers not only most types of mortgage loans including; residential and commercial mortgages, first and seconds, origination and refinancing, variable & fixed rate, owner occupied and non owner occupied, A-D Credit, hard money, take-out  and construction loans - BUT it is NOT exclusively just a mortgage brokering program ...

... Beyond mortgages this same full-service program also sets you up to be able to offer a variety of financing alternatives that are typically NOT available through the more traditional lending institutions like the local banks. Some of these other areas include: Business Expansion, Commercial Cash-Flow Loans, Import-Export Financing, New Equipment Leasing on all types of equipment (not just automobiles like the local banks might do), Contract & Purchase Order Financing, Irrevocable Letters of Credit, Tax Deductible Used Equipment Sale-Leasebacks (for medical and dental offices, clinics & hospitals as well as individual MD's & DDs's), Pre-receivable Financing, Accounts Receivable Factoring & Advances, Discount Mortgages, Cash-Outs, Municipal Leasing for City, State & Federal Agencies who are already pre-approved, Personal/Unsecured Signature Loans, Debt Consolidation, Warehouse & Flooring Lines of credit, commercial financings, asset based lending programs, etc., etc., etc., more than enough to keep you busy earning a six figure income well into the next millennium! You can view more by clicking on the links below:

                                                         Registered Loan Broker   FAQ's   The PFA Story   Register NOW

                                                                                Earn While YOU Learn!

Regardless of your past experience, educational background or geographical location PFA's Full Service Approach in simplified application and submission procedures ensures you are off to a fast-start! You will have the ability to offer a wider variety of financing alternatives to your prospective clientele and can start on your way to begin earning a six figure income while you learn all about the money business from the inside out!

                                            Loan Brokering Made E A S Y!!

PFA has already designed the epitome in home study business financial service Programs which can assist you to Earn a Six Figure Income by providing you with a Turn-Key, Full Service Financial Brokerage® Business of your very own.  The business of:

Money Time with your own home brokerage money & credit business! Loan Brokers can earn six figure incomes! Work at Home - Start Part Time!

Yes MONEY, it "makes the world go round".  Isn't it about time to get your fair share?

As a PFA Broker you can start your own lucrative money business at home and begin offering loans, equipment leases, venture capital,  joint ventures, secured and unsecured personal & debt consolidation loans, International Corporate Finance and a variety of additional business and personal financing alternatives to qualified individuals and businesses world-wide!

As an added Bonus - PFA Registered Brokers® gain access to the PFA Extra-Net for  the latest up-to-the -minute rates & terms, rapid online processing and access to a variety of online tools, calculators, industry information and wizards.  You can go there and see for yourself by clicking on the following link:

                                                                              PFA Extra-Net

You can start this incredible six figure income business opportunity, part or full time from your home or office without giving up whatever it may be that you're doing now. PFA makes it easy, fun and profitable to own and operate your own Full-Service Financial Brokerage Firm® at a cost substantially less than what you've probably already paid for the equipment just to view this Site.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in making available exclusively through our brokers, an ongoing variety of financing alternatives that are NOT available through the more traditional lending institutions, like the local banks or savings & loan associations. Through our ongoing commitment, PFA Brokers are the first and best choice for all their clients' financing needs.  

Company Profile

PFA has been in business since 1978 and currently administers one of the largest independent financial broker networks in the United States. We are now seeking new "connected" Associates to expand our presence worldwide!.  As a PFA Broker you too can be fully trained  to process & fund loans of all types, equipment leases, discount  mortgage notes, venture capital, joint venture & corporate financings for middle market corporations, and a variety of other financial services for  clients in return for substantial commissions and referral fees.

PFA is a registered with the Better Credit Alliance, (BCA) and is a member of the TrustLink® Program reserved only for the most trusted members. You can view a report on PFA by clicking on the TrustLink® icon below which will take you directly to the TrustLink® site. You can also and view reviews from the Business Credit Alliance (BCA) by clicking on the "Check OUR Rating Link below:




                                                  Martin Eisler

          TrustLink Preferred Member

PFA is also rated by Dun & Bradstreet, (Duns # 10-387-7916).  You can pull up a complete report through D&B at their main website at (if you are a D&B Member) or from the BBB or Better Business Bureau by clicking on the "Check OUR Rating Link Above.

You MUST Be Satisfied

Each PFA Program is designed as a perfect stand-alone business which can be easily operated from home or office OR as an ideal add-on for professionals in allied fields, such as: insurance or real estate agents, accountants, attorneys, financial planners, stock brokers, CPA's. etc who are looking to add additional services and a potentially lucrative ancillary revenue stream to their existing business.

                                                       Advanced Training Opportunities!

PFA also offers a variety of advanced programs for seasoned professionals and those  seeking to accelerate their abilities and their incomes into other more specialized areas of the lucrative financial service industry. You can view these other programs by clicking here: PFA Advanced Programs


Contact Information

If you have ANY additional questions, or a deal "cooking" you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact ME personally. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can.

Martin Eisler

Professional Financial Associates

Telephone: 949-240-0404 (We're available 7am-6pm PST M-F)
FAX:            714-242-1458
Street Address: 24551 Del Prado #697
Postal Address
: Box 697, Dana Point, CA 92629

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Martin Eisler

Daytime Phone: (949) 240-0404


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Note: Licensing to do mortgage loans or any loans in which real estate serves as collateral for a loan varies by state and country regulatory agencies.  A license or bond may or may not be required in your state or  country.  Please contact local licensing authorities or us here at PFA to help determine whether or not this may affect your particular situation. Most PFA Programs do not require licensing if real estate does not serve as collateral to secure the financing. Call if you need further details or clarification. You may also click on this text to request answers via e-mail.

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