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Venture Capital FAQ
VC Pgm Mail/Faxin Frm


           Venture Capital Program

                  light.wmf (5334 bytes)   I M P O R T A N T   N O T I C E  light.wmf (5334 bytes)

                                Got an idea that needs investor financing not a loan?

                                   I D E A 

VENTURE CAPITAL - Financing Without Borrowing!

Have you ever come up with a good idea?

Do you know someone with an idea that could potentially develop into a successful business? 

If you can answer YES to either of these questions here is your chance to begin earning what could amount to a staggering income arranging Venture Capital Financing for Business Development, Expansion & Start-Ups. Please accept this very special invitation to participate in one of the most exciting money-making programs ever offered and register with Professional Financial Associates as a:


                          CA$H is Available Earn More Money Than You Can Count! If your client can't qualify for a loan
                                     Money is secured by Equity in the Venture
                                          Not a Debt Repayment Instrument!

Now, you can earn a substantial income assisting entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide obtain funding to start-up or expand their business without borrowing!

PFA has designed a program to put capital into these ventures - and money into your pocket. Venture Capital is one of the only ways to raise money for speculative new ideas. You can help where others failed and turn your success into ENORMOUS DOLLARS

Venture Capital Brokers Make Money 5 Ways:

  • 1. Consulting on Project Feasibility!
  • 2. Developing Business Plans for feasible projects!

  • 3. Match Plans to investors - earn a percentage of funds raised!

  • 4. Receive stock  in the resulting company-potentially
        worth millions!

  • 5. Receive warrants (options) to purchase additional stock at a
        pre-determined reduced price. If they are a success so are

                     Venture Capital FAQ   Register On-Line NOW

                          ... AND A LIFELONG INCOME!

Help entrepreneurs, businesses, associates, friends even yourself - obtain cash to finance business ideas! A perfect entry point or an ideal add-on to any financial service business

THE PROBLEM - In todayís rapidly changing world economy weíve all seen "the problem" first-hand. Small start-up or rapid growth companies have an insatiable appetite for one thing - money. They never seem to have enough. You may have this very problem yourself trying to obtain financing for your own business or new venture. Most business owners and entrepreneurs approach their problem with one thought in mind - borrow the money they need. And loan brokers who help In the process can earn a nice commission for arranging this type of Debt Based Financing, if their client can qualify for the funds!

But for many newer companies who cannot qualify for loans under normal credit guidelines, borrowing the money they need may be an impossibility. How can these companies or entrepreneurs get their "ideas" financed?

                       HERE IS WHERE YOU FIT IN!

The secret behind successfully arranging the financing for a new or yet unproven idea, is in realizing the difference between a "Debt" and an "Equity" Financing.


THE SOLUTION - Venture Capital - Equity Financing, made possible through a variety of services that you can provide as a PFA Venture Capital Acquisition Specialist all without the constraints of "collateral" or repayment required!

Just think, when you can show a budding entrepreneur or new business the path to finance his or her new idea, you are on your way to receiving thousands of dollars - or even millions of dollars - in commissions, fees and profits, from your participation in the project.



Raising money for starting a new business or developing a new idea is one of the most in-demand and profitable financial service you can offer - clients are literally everywhere! You see, although most entrepreneurs are well-versed in the product or service they wish to bring to market, they may not be knowledgeable in what it takes to arrange the financing they must have in order for their idea to succeed. In reality, a great deal more money may be needed to bring a product or service from the idea stage to the marketplace than an up-and-coming entrepreneur can "qualify"í to borrow from a bank or institutional lender.

Right now, could you raise the thousands or even millions of dollars it takes to develop a successful business from scratch? Many have tried and found when traditional lending institutions receive these types of requests they turn them down cold with vague explanations such itís "too speculative," "market is unproven," "`no collateral," "lack of income," "youíre dreaming." etc., etc. Remember, the majority of lending institutions view an untested business venture as an extremely risky proposition. which can only be justified if they hold acceptable collateral and the borrower meets other loan underwriting guidelines. such as demonstrating sufficient income to repay the debt.

As a PFA Venture Capital Acquisition Specialist you can solve the problem of the traditional bank turn-down. Because the Venture Capital Investors in our system are compensated by an Equity position - an actual partnership with your client who receives their funds - no "collateral" is required! In lieu of collateral and the guaranteed repayment that a loan requires, Venture Capitalists are professional "risk-takers" who are only repaid if the venture becomes successful. More importantly this success creates a tremendous pay back for not only the investor and the entrepreneur . . . but for you as well!

                   HELPING ENTREPRENEURS
                                                       AND VENTURE CAPITALISTS
                                                                                                  COME TOGETHER

Your ability to recognize the difference between a "Debt"í and an "Equity" Financing could literally secure your financial future...FOR LIFE. Now with the help of PFA one of the nationís leading financial service firms, you can learn to spot the
                                "deal of a lifetime"...
... and turn it into financial security for you and your family

As a PFA Venture Capital Acquisition Specialist you will learn how to attract these companies to you, recognize the potential winners, and then show them how to get ALL the financing they need - Equity Financing - by arranging for Venture Capital through established Equity Capital sources. PFA has designed the perfect system to market a complete array of venture capital services World-wide.

Register today and you too can start providing the professional assistance entrepreneurs need at every stage of their development. while you begin making money FIVE DIFFERENT WAYS!

Five Ways For You TO MAKE MONEY!!

#1 Start with ANY Idea, and for a modest fee (which your client will gladly pay!) - PFA will prepare your client with a Professional Feasibility Study to see if the idea has merit- and you will be paid a commission!

#2 At the next step either PFA or YOU can prepare a Professional Business Plan,  presentation ready for submission to our Worldwide Network of Venture Capital Investors - and either way you get paid again - a commission to have us write the plan or the entire amount if you decide to write it yourself from the information contained in the Program Materials!

#3 With the completed Business Plan you can begin to develop the capital placement directly with our network of Investors and receive a percentage of the total funds raised- More money for YOU!

#4 Having actively developed the capital placement, you are entitled to receive a minority interest in the new business - Stock or ownership rights which could potentially be worth millions of dollars!!!

#5 And finally, you can have options, (warrants), with a pre-negotiated price built right in guaranteeing you an unlimited opportunity to make as much money as you want!


 Register On-Line NOW

That Ďs right, even if you have NO EXPERIENCE, you will have immediate access to expert assistance and a team of professionals utilizing the latest computer technology to do all the work for you automatically! And don t be concerned if you have never worked in the financial service field before - this branch is so new that there is literally no competition - right now! Here is a truly unique ground floor opportunity for those who act quickly. The nationís leaders in venture financing with the most sophisticated system ever devised have already made your lob easy! Just offer the service and get paid!



Take a good look at what you will receive - everything you need to actually begin assisting companies in arranging Venture Capital and new business financing. Here is what you receive when you register:

* Complete Venture Capital training manual -    * Reproduction quality camera-ready
   Learn to recognize your opportunities             "Stats" Brochures, Letters Profes-
   Everything you need to get started                  sionally type-set - Ready to go!

* Feasibility Study Services - To assist entre-    * Professionally prepared Contracts
   preneurs in analyzing their venture.                 & Agreements  - Protects your
                                                                      compensation at every stage.

* Sample Business Plan Model - Learn to pre-   * Up-to-date computer list of active
   pare this essential component yourself for        V.C." firms hungry for business!
   an additional revenue stream!                         Where those in the know go!

* Professional Business Plan Service -               * Periodic Computer Center
   Computers do the work - automatically.             Updates - Keep you abreast of all
                                                                       the latest developments

These comprehensive training materials will show you Step-by-Step  how to recognize the difference between a Debt Financing "loan" situation and an Equity Financing "venture capital" transaction. Then, with PFA to assist you, you can easily deliver everything your clients need from the initial Feasibility Study to a professionally prepared Business Plan: - THE single most important component for successfully completing a venture capital funding.

In addition, you will also learn how to set your compensation to include fees for the Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Capital Acquisition as well as stock and warrant options providing you with an "equity" position in the company for long-term Income (worth potentially in the millions!) In addition, you will also learn how to set your compensation to include fees for the Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Capital Acquisition as well as stock and warrant options providing you with an "equity" position in the company for long-term Income (worth potentially in the millions!)

And. most importantly, you will be working with leaders in the field, Professional Financial Associates and its nationwide network of lenders and investors. In fact we will provide the introduction that puts you in DIRECT CONTACT with the leading Venture Capital firms - Ready to fund your clientsí requests and thereby secure YOUR financial future!

The one-time registration fee for this exciting and profitable financial service is only $495.00. DONíT MISS OUT ON THIS TRULY UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR FINANCIAL SECURITY. If you have any questions please donít hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

But by Registering TODAY you will be insuring your position in what certainly will be a tremendous growth business. For instant confirmation of your registration call (949) 240-0404 with any major credit card and charge it. Either way the next step is yours -


To Register in this incredible Program ON-LINE - Click Below.

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If you have additional questions about this incredible opportunity, you may very well find the answers by Clicking on the Link below:

 Venture Capital FAQ 

If you would like to learn more about PFA, who we are and what we do, just Click on the Link Below:

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We look forward to welcoming YOU to the PFA Team

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