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Arrange Financing! . . . Professional Financial Associates Welcomes YOU . . . . .Now YOU Can Own Your Own Full-Service Financial Brokerage Business . . . . Arrange Loans, Discount-Mortgages, Leasing, Start-Up-Financing, Venture Capital, Corporate Finance & Many Other Financial Services. . .. . Start earning Top Commissions IMMEDIATELY. . . . Increase YOUR Income . . . . Calling ALL Loan Brokers, Money Brokers, Leasing Agents, Money Finders, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Realtors, CPA's, Financial Planners, Attorneys, Stock Brokers, Credit Advisors .... Start Up Your Own Turn-Key Loan & Credit Business offering Loans, Leases, Discount Mortgages, Cash-Outs, Venture Capital, International Corporate Finance, Personal Unsecured & Secured Loans, Debt Consolidation, Import & Export, Accounts Receivable, Contract & Purchase Order Financing. . . . Low Start-Up Costs . . . . Earn a Six Figure Income As A Loan Consultant . . . . Work From Home or Office either Full or Part-Time . . . . Increase YOUR Income TODAY!!!


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PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®  

As a     PFA Registered Loan Broker ®   , you too can join the ranks of our many other successful high earning money professionals earning top commissions & bonuses in their own loan brokering business assisting individuals and businesses obtain the loan and lease financing they need. By Registering as a     PFA Registered Loan Broker ®   , you are put in direct lender contact brokering loans & leases through our worldwide lender network, propelling you into your own lucrative and rewarding turn-key financial brokerage business.

The     PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®     provides you with everything you need to get started in this lucrative field. It  represents a "flying start" into what should become your own lucrative turn-key financial brokerage business and could very well be all you ever need to begin enjoying the financial success you are seeking.

With this Program alone you can offer a variety of loans of all types, $10,000 minimum - NO MAXIMUM, Including: residential and commercial mortgages - first & seconds, owner occupied & rentals, variable & fixed rate, 15 & 30 year loans), equipment leasing, discount mortgage cash outs, debt consolidations,  business expansion loans, import/export financing, contract & purchase order financing, irrevocable letters of credit, tax-deductible used equipment sale-leasebacks, pre-receivable financing, accounts receivable factoring & advances, and much more - More than enough to get you started and keep you busy earning TOP Commissions with your very own Financial Brokerage Firm.

         PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®    
  Key Benefits                     

  • Your Own Full Service Financial Brokerage Business -
    You Receive Complete Loan Broker Training!
    A Financial Service Business YOU own 100%!
  • Work Part-Time or Full-Time From Home or Office -
    You'll be Fully Trained & Receive Ongoing Support!
    Make Your Own Hours - Be Your Own Boss!
  • Receive TOP Commissions - NO SPLITS - ALL 100% YOURS!!
  • Hire & Train other Loan Consultants to bring you even MORE Business!!
  • Tap Into A World-Wide Lender Network and start earning a
                          Six Figure Income
    -  TODAY!!!

                                            INCREASE YOUR INCOME 

Yes; Here is your opportunity to deal direct with some of the most respected lenders and receive  - TOP COMMISSIONS!

BECOME A     PFA Registered Broker ®   !! Help find qualified borrowers for our financial programs. Join with us and help arrange fundings in the MOST NEEDED CATEGORIES throughout the United States and the World:

(1) Loans of all types for individuals, homeowners, professionals, businesses and other qualified borrowers.
(2) Vehicle & Equipment Leasing for businesses & individuals.
(3) Unique financing alternatives - Not available through most "traditional" lenders like: Import & Export Financing, Irrevocable Letters of Credit, Contract & Purchase Order Financing, Tax-Deductible Financing, Pre & Post Receivable Financing, Factoring...
...and much, MUCH more!

Join now and earn even more helping "private-parties" collecting monthly note payments to receive a lump sum of cash - IMMEDIATELY!

Complete instructions and training are yours when you Register with our Comprehensive "how-to" Registered Broker Reference Manual & start-up materials. All forms, letters and brochures you need to be successful are included, ready to reproduce with your own name.

NEW Special Bonus!!

    PFA Registered Broker's ®   may use the  Mortgage Search Center   on our site and can obtain one of their own for direct access to wholesale mortgage lending rates from some of America's Top Lending Institutions. So what are you  waiting for Click Here to =======>REGISTER NOW!

Your New Full Service Financial Brokerage Firm®  can be started either as a home based business opportunity or run in tandem with most current businesses! Start generating your new income stream TODAY!.

 The "Inside" Story!

As a     PFA Registered Broker ®   , you will be fully trained as a loan consultant to offer loans of all types, $10,000 minimum - No MAXIMUM. You'll have complete access to the latest finance, credit and money programs and become fully trained as a full service loan or money broker assisting people and businesses arrange the financing they are seeking.

You'll learn what you can and can't do to arrange financing for all types of credit situations, dealing directly with lenders offering the latest financing programs including;  home & commercial mortgage loans, originations & refinancing, variable & fixed rate, owner occupied and rental properties, home loans, business mortgages, private party mortgages,  private mortgage lenders,  no income qualifying loans,  hard money loans - money for even the desperate borrower,  real estate project financing, discount mortgage cash outs, creative financing, jumbos, foreclosure loans, land development and more!!

The program goes well beyond mortgage loan brokering, however, training you in the latest financing techniques for arranging; business expansion capital, import & export financing, contract & purchase order financings, financing on irrevocable letters of credit, unsecured personal signature loans, pre-receivable financing, accounts receivable factoring & advances, professional loans both secured & unsecured, commercial loans, consumer financing, credit loans,  franchise financing, installment loans, institutional loans, fixed payment loans, new equipment leasing on ALL types of equipment, tax-deductible used equipment sale-leasebacks, loan product services, institutional thrift loans, bridge financing, mezzanine financing, construction loans, giving you access to private money, hard money, credit lines, debt consolidation loans, development funds, factoring, foreclosure loans, high risk lenders,  small business loans, bill payment loans, leasing, commercial lending,  and so much more!

You'll learn about basis points, international financing programs, re-capitalization's, second stage financings, small business finance, subordinated debt, non recourse financing, below prime rate financing, private lender monies, lending rates, loan approvals, pre-approvals, short term financing, short-term bridge loans, acquisition loans & financing, asset-based lending, business financing, buyout financing, commercial finance, debt financing rates, pre-qualified programs, loan applications, loan commitments, and much more!!

If you are already in an allied financial service field such as; insurance, financial planning,  real estate, CPA, accounting, law, banking,  mortgage brokering, leasing agent, stock brokerage,
PFA's career financial network is currently accepting, new associates!!.

This is one of the most exciting new career changes or additions to your current career you can make - An incredible turn-key income generating business opportunity that you can run part or full time, either as home based business from a home office, or  from a commercial office suite - your choice - offering a wide variety of financial service programs while you earn top commissions!

    PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®     is the most complete full service financial brokerage program of its' kind available anywhere!.


Since 1978 PFA has been totally dedicated to our brokers. Our On-Line Brochure "The PFA Story" explains exactly how we can go to work for you too - once you register to begin earning Top Commissions.

Get ready to earn a big 4% average commission! And get ready to watch your commissions multiply as your volume increases. With our easy simplified, step-by-step method you can quickly gain the experience needed to insure financial security for you and your family.

All commissions are paid directly to you! No additional processing fees or "up-front" money is EVER charged to you or your clients. You receive 100% of your earnings - never a split!


Commissions average 4%, for every qualified funding, with the average transaction in excess of $100,000. Only one deal per month means a steady $4,000 monthly income. Funding one deal per week means you could earn well over $100,000 per year! And there's NO LIMIT ...

Once you know how!!!

The PFA Deal Direct Policy!

You will be working directly with the lender every time you submit a qualified applicant.  Our Deal Direct Policy insures you keep 100% of your earnings for your qualified submissions as well!
That means with our unique Program you keep ALL the money you've earned with no commission splits - EVER!!


CONTINUING SUPPORT:     PFA Registered Loan Brokers ®     can call the BROKER HOT-LINE for fast answers to any questions that may come up, and updates on rates and new programs are sent by our COMPUTER DATA CENTER - Via E-Mail - automatically.

PFA also offers advanced training, supply discounts, automatic updates, secured on-line Internet submissions area AND World-Wide Database of affiliated lenders & their specialties on the Brokers ONLY PFA Extra-Net:
    PFA Registered Brokers®     ONLY - and there's still MORE:

 BS00808A.gif (2319 bytes)
     PFA Registered Loan Broker®  
               Reference Manual             

The     PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®   Includes:

  • The     PFA Registered Loan Broker®      Reference Manual:
    A comprehensive compendium
    of everything you need to own and operate your very own Full Service Financial Brokerage Firm offering:

    * Loans of all types, $10,000 minimum - NO MAXIMUM
    * Equipment Leases - On ALL types of equipment
    * Discount Mortgages - Cash-Out Private Party Notes
    * Import & Export Financing - World-Wide!
    * Contract & Purchase Order Pre-Receivable Financing
    * Accounts Receivable Factoring & Advances
    * Tax-Deductible Used Equipment Sale-Leasebacks - MD's & DDs's
    * Personal Loans & Lines of Credit
    * Debt Consolidation Loans
    * Residential & Commercial Mortgages - Origination & Refinancing
    * And Much, MUCH More . . .

  • Camera-Ready "Stats" for both Classified & Display Ads, Confidential Reply Cards for a direct mailing campaign/Banner Ads, etc.,  ALL Applications & Worksheets - Strip in your own Company Name and

  • Access the Broker Hot-Line for quick answers to ALL of your questions.
    All calls received during normal business hours 8am-6pm PST M-F receive FREE Assistance!

  • Direct E-Mail Assistance to Specialized Consultants - Ready to help!

  • Deal-Direct Policy - You always deal directly with the lender of record and retain 100% of your Commissions - No Split or Up-Front Fees!!

  • Submissions by Mail, Fed-Ex, Purolator or E-Mail directly over the Internet!!!
    Fastest response times for your clients - ensures rapid fundings!

Registered Loan Broker   FAQ's   The PFA Story   Register NOW

   Achieving Financial Independence 

PFA, is currently seeking new "connected "associates to expand our Broker Network Worldwide.   As a Registered Broker in the     PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®    you too can join the ranks of professionals earning a substantial income working part or full time from home or office offering the latest in financing programs. 

Remember, the     PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®    includes the following Financing programs; Residential & Commercial Mortgages, (1st & 2nds , origination and refinancing, owner occupied or not), Business Expansion, Personal & debt consolidation loans, import & export financing, contract & purchase order financing, pre-receivable financing, accounts receivable factoring & advances, tax deductible used equipment sale-leaseback’s, purchasing of mortgage or trust deed notes at a discount and a host of other financing alternatives, many of which are not available through more "traditional" lending institutions.

As a Registered Broker you make submissions directly to participating lenders for funding. No application or advance fees are charged to Broker or Client. You always Deal-Direct with the lender, there are no commission splits - YOU retain 100% of ALL commissions!

Whether just starting out, with no experience, or a seasoned professional in an allied financial service field such as;  insurance, real estate, law, accounting, financial planning, etc., PFA sets YOU up in a turn-key prestigious financial service business of your own which can easily be run as a home-based business!

Finding clients is made easy by targeting qualified applicants through effective focused marketing. Included with the Program are complete step-by-step instructional materials, camera-ready "stats" for ALL Forms, Applications, Work-Sheets, Letters and Brochures. There are no additional costs.

The one-time Registration cost, normally $495 is reduced to only $395 by Registering from this site.

The time to take action is NOW - There has never been a better time to change YOUR life - Register Today


Getting started is easy! Just Click Below to Save $100 by Charging your one time $395 Registration to any major Credit Card on our  Secured Web Server

    Register NOW   

Save $200.00 by Printing out your special Registration Savings Form & mailing your one-time $395 Registration fee in US Funds, Check or Money Order to:

   Box 697
   Dana Point, California USA 92629

Print-Out Fax or Mail-In Form

You can also Print Out & Fax Fax the Special Registration Form or Fax it right from your computer with your Charge Card information to:  (714) 242-1458

You can Phone in your Registration and charge the $395 one-time Registration to any major credit card at: (949) 583-2479

You can E-Mail your Charge Card Information to:

For INSTANT REGISTRATION: Call (949) 240-0404  - N O W!

                            IS JUST NOT AVAILABLE
                                                            ANYWHERE ELSE!

Join Now
  AND SAVE! The ONE-TIME Registration fee is normally $


For a limited time you may Register for only $395, you save $100.00! This entitles you to full use of all copyrighted forms, brochures, materials, and training plus complete access to all  PFA loan, lease and the "Business Start-Up" BONUS Discount Mortgage Program - No other costs!


* CHARGE BY PHONE: Phone in your charge to (949) 583-2479 - 24 Hours Any Time/Any Day

* PAY BY CHECK ONLINE:                   <- Click Here & Pay by Check Using Our 
                                                                                                       PayByCheck Secure Check Servers!

If you choose to pay by check on-line, PFA uses PayByCheck to provide Secure online transactions. If you prefer to purchase our products using a check you will be sent to the Pay by Check  website for your check to be pre-approved to complete the transaction.

  Worldwide  Registration  

Secure Online Registration 

Official PayPal Seal

NO-RISK TO REGISTER! PFA relies on you, our Registered Brokers, to provide the volume of new business we need to maintain coverage Worldwide. That is why we stand behind our  program with a 100% GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION!


Only     PFA Registered Brokers ®    Enjoy These Benefits:

  • (1) FUNDS for your qualified clients regardless of needs.
  • (2) HIGHEST COMMISSIONS in the industry paid directly to you!
  • (3) DEAL DIRECT through a worldwide network of lenders.
  • (4) FULL TRAINING, Professional Manual, Updates & Broker Hot-Line
  • (6) One Month 100 % Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction!!

If you have any questions call us at (949) 240-0404 From 7 am - 6 p.m. PST M-F.

We are anxious to: Have YOU on the winning PFA Team!

Thank you for this opportunity to help build your financial future while we expand our PFA Network of Registered Associates. If you have any questions what-so-ever, I encourage you to please call me personally at (949) 240-0404 and I will be happy to help you. Otherwise I look forward to welcoming you as part of the winning PFA team.

Very truly yours,

Martin Eisler
  Martin Eisler

PS. Just starting out? First time in business??
PFA will provide EXTRA support and we'll  include the "Business Start-Up" Bonus
Discount Mortgage Program
- No additional cost especially for you - Just let us know!

                                                Incidentally, if you are looking for more in-depth information and
                                                a Special One-Time Offer:   Just tell us who you are & how to
                                                get it to you then simply Click on Get More Info button below!
Receive Your Valuable
FREE  Report on  How  You  Can  Earn  a  Six  Figure Income & Own Your   Own   Financial Brokerage  Business!
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REGISTER ON-LINE HERE - N O W! There will never be a Better Time ... Register Here - NOW

    PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®     Special On-Line Pricing

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                              Charge Your Registration in the
    PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®  
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If you choose to pay by check on-line, PFA uses Zoom PayByCheck to provide Secure online transactions. If you prefer to purchase our products using a check you will be sent to the Zoom Pay by Check  website for your check to be pre-approved to complete the transaction. Zoom uses its own privacy and security policies, and can be evaluated at their website. Please contact them for further information on their use of customer information.

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 PFA Registered Loan Broker Program® On-Line Registration

OK PFA . . . I want to Increase My Income! Here is my specially reduced Registration Fee of only $395.00 USD, (I save $200!)   Please RUSH the complete     PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®    with the Discount Mortgage Bonus ... .NOW!
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