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PFA,  an acknowledged leader in the financial service industry, offers a wide variety of financial services to qualified individuals and businesses throughout the United States and the World. These services are made available exclusively through a International Network of independent Registered Financial Brokers.

PFA understands the financial goals currently sought by individuals and businesses in today’s constantly changing financial marketplace. Our philosophy is to maximize your clients’ ability to obtain financing through intelligent, innovative financing Programs.

Whether financing is sought for personal or business purposes, every available alternative must be evaluated in order to make the best decision. But most people do not have the time to spend investigating every possibility.


Our lending and financing programs offer UNIQUE BENEFITS which can be tailored to each individual’s personal or business needs. Being more diversified than a traditional lender, we can train you to offer EXACTLY what will be the most beneficial for your clients. And since we offer a wide variety of services through an International Network of independent local representatives, your clients can arrange the money they need right from the comfort of their home or office, insuring maximum convenience, confidentiality, and service.


As a     PFA Registered Loan Broker ®   , you can help us assist clients in receiving this same personal and professional service. Join our network of Independent Registered Financial Brokers and enjoy ALL these benefits:



As the leader in nationwide financial programs, we are diverse enough to assist BOTH the experienced Professional Financial Broker, as well as the novice who is just starting out. Our programs are designed to operate with minimal out of pocket expense and investment of time. In fact, all you really need to get started immediately are:

    1. A telephone to receive business calls.
    2. An address to receive your mail.
    3. Our Basic Registered Broker Registration Package.
    4. The desire and ambition to succeed.

And, if you have a computer or a way to access the Internet, (which you must have in order to be reading this), your submissions can soon  be made live On-Line in Real-Time!!

PFA WILL DO THE REST! We will show you, STEP-BY-STEP, exactly how to locate your clients, explain the services, and prepare a complete submission ready for funding. You will benefit by DEALING DIRECTLY with PFA to help find the best lender for all your qualified clients. PFA’s high standards of excellence are second to none. We are dedicated to the growth and success of our network of Registered Brokers®.

Innovative new programs as well as traditional loans keep us on the forefront of the financial marketplace. When you Register with PFA as a     PFA Registered Loan Broker ®   , you will be able to offer:

  • REAL ESTATE LOANS - Residential & Commercial.( May require Licensing in some States)
  • PERSONAL LOANS - Secured & Unsecured.
  • BUSINESS FINANCING - Loans, Leases, Factoring, Accounts Receivable Advance.
  • TAX DEDUCTIBLE FINANCING - Equipment Sale-Leaseback.
  • DISCOUNT MORTGAGES - help private party lenders receive their cash today.
  • IMPORT & EXPORT FINANCING - Facilitated by Irrevocable Letters of Credit.
  • CONTRACT & PURCHASE ORDER FINANCING - On verifiable documentation.
  • COMPLETE range of loan, lease and financing programs.
  • HIGHEST commissions & bonuses paid directly to you!
  • CONTINUED support at every phase to insure your success.
  • 30 Day Money Back 100% GUARANTEE of satisfaction.

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The Suit Magazine - Click on the Article Below:

PFA stands ready to provide the kind of PROFESSIONAL SERVICE that both of you and your client expect. Our BROKER HOT-LINE, staffed by trained professionals, is available for fast answers to any of your financial questions. And our COMPUTER DATA CENTER provides timely updates to keep you on the forefront of the International financial marketplace.

REMEMBER, when you make money, we make money. And that’s the whole idea of being in business, isn’t it?


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A successful business is measured by the quality of the products & services it offers; and quality is something you can expect from PFA. We are dedicated to providing our brokers with the highest quality service, so they can provide the finest service available to their clients throughout the country or around the world.

PFA has the "hands-on" experience gained from many years and thousands of direct client contacts to lead the way. Our broad range of financial services can provide the foundation on which you can build a successful business.


Hi-speed data processing now allows us to process an increasing volume of business. But more important than computers is our people network of Independent Financial Brokers

Through continued support and assistance we have helped thousands of successful brokers expand their business - and their income. And in turn our brokers have enabled PFA to become a leader in its field.

    PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®   

The     PFA Registered Loan Broker Program®     is the culmination of years of hard work, thousands of investment dollars, and the combined efforts of financial professionals, business analysts, and computer programmers alike. With PFA behind you, your business can grow as fast, and go as far as your ambition will take it. And we back you up with continuing support unavailable anywhere else:

  • DEAL DIRECT POLICY - You deal directly with the lender of record in all cases. NO SPLIT FEES!
  • BROKER HOT-LINE - For Fast answers and personalized service AS CLOSE AS YOUR TELEPHONE or your E-Mail.
  • COMPUTER DATA CENTER - Modern computer technology provides UP-TO-THE-MINUTE INFORMATION.
  • NEW PROGRAMS - Innovative money products to meet the demands of an ever-changing financial marketplace help you INCREASE YOUR INCOME!

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Step up to a higher income and enjoy the prestige and profits available to you in the lucrative financial service industry.

    PFA Registered Brokers ®   Enjoy:


Easy step-by-step instructions

Everything provided

Inexpensive to operate


Full training and assistance

Computer Updates via E-Mail


Highest in the industry

No extra fees or hidden costs

Make as much money as you want


High Technology Equipment

Quick Processing & Turn-Around

Periodic Updates Via E-Mail


Supplies and Equipment

Professional Quality Printing

Group Buying at Discount Prices


For Qualified Submissions

All Types of Financing

Simplified Application Procedures


We stand behind our programs 100%

You must be satisfied

All PFA Programs carry a One Month Money Back Guarantee!

There will never be a better time

Move up to a prestigious high income

Financial security for you……and your family

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