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You've heard the expression -- opportunity only knocks once. At least once in everyone's lifetime we are presented with a truly great opportunity. If you feel that you've let opportunity pass you by in the past, then get ready and don't make the same mistake again. The new PFA Phone-In Mini-Lease Program  is truly a unique concept that is destined to change the way Americans acquire small business equipment forever in the area of small ticket equipment leasing! And the opportunity is so rare that participation in this new program is going to make some brokers rich! Will you be among them... OR WILL YOU BE LEF T OUT?


Advancing technology has caused most "big ticket" items to drop dramatically in both size and price. A computer that only five years ago would have occupied an entire room and could have cost more than $100,000, can be had today for less than $10,000, will have even greater capabilities and merely take up a corner of a desk! So what's the problem? In a word -- FINANCING. In spite of lower prices (or in some cases because of them) most business have difficulty financing equipment that costs under $10,000, because most leasing companies are looking for the more profitable "big ticket" items to lease.

Even though this kind of equipment has become more "affordable", and is perceived to be within the grasp of even the smallest company, $1,000 to $10,000 is still difficult for most companies to raise "overnight" to invest in new equipment. And because of the minimum dollar requirements of many banks and leasing companies anything under $10,000 is perceived to be "too small" to finance. What's a business to do?


In response to the tremendous demand for equipment financing under $10,000, PFA has instituted the new PFA Phone-In Mini-Lease Program , designed to provide immediate telephone approval for clients and direct commissions of 3% to 10% for YOU, for any business equipment costing under $10,000. The idea of immediate approval for small equipment leases is so simple, yet so all encompassing, that YOUR fortune can literally be made overnight -- if you are perceptive enough to recognize its true value -- and POWER. And, with the generous commission schedule that YOU control -- you can make as much money as you want!

With this exceptional new Program you can actually choose your own commissions, because all commissions are “built-in” to the lease rate your client will pay – no need to charge additional brokerage fees! You’ll know what you are earning on each deal as soon as you’ve quoted the monthly payment from the easy to read and understand rate tables provided. Write Your Own Paycheck – from a minimum of 3% to as high as 10% of the cost of the equipment being leased. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

YOU CAN PROFIT TODAY- Register in the PFA Phone-In Mini-Lease Program  and you can begin offering both individuals and businesses a fast and easy way to acquire the small equipment they need -- right away -- through our unique new program. You will have the confidence of dealing directly with a nationwide leasing company who will begin processing your lease applications, from $1,000 to $10,000, all from a single phone call. NOTHING COULD BE SIMPLER!


THE SMALL EQUIPMENT LEASE MARKET IS "VIRGIN TERRITORY"! Most dealers of small equipment have yet to be approached by financing sources to help their customers. HERE IS WHERE YOU FIT IN! Now you can contact BOTH clients and vendors and offer them "instant" telephone approval for financing of needed equipment! Register today and begin assisting your clients in acquiring a multitude of equipment from a variety of equipment vendors such as:

. Personal Computers

. Copy Machines

. Telephone Systems

. Satellite Dishes

.Office Equipment

. E-Commerce Enabled Websites

. Automated Drink Makers

, Restaurant Equipment

. Laser Printers… and Much MORE!

We need top caliber people in your area -- NOW! Here is you personal invitation to prove that YOU are that special person by being one of the first to participate in this exciting new program! Just think of all the businesses in your area that would jump at the chance of getting the equipment they've always wanted quickly, easily and inexpensively! Try approaching:

. Health Clubs

. Restaurants

. Wholesale & Retail Businesses

. Machine Shops

. Hospitals

. Offices … All Types of Businesses!

Ask them if they could use any new equipment. You will find that ill most cases the answer is a resounding YES!! Nearly every business is in the market for either some new piece of equipment, or is looking to replace an older 'one. The BIG NEWS now is that they can lease these "small ticket" items through you instead of trying to figure out how they are going to buy or finance them.


A SIMPLE TO OPERATE PROGRAM IN WHICH YOU CAN MAKE MONEY! All it takes for your client to acquire needed equipment is a quick phone call to the leasing company office for preliminary approval. Then you simply mail the simplified "Mini-application" and a description of the equipment, and the leasing company does all the work for you! Your client is on the way to receiving his new equipment, while you are on your way to receiving your commission check directly!


Leasing has been available as a financing alternative for "big-ticket" items for many years. But the "Mini-Lease" for equipment priced under $10,000 is just now coming into its own. Yes, you heard right, here is opportunity knocking at your door -- DON'T LET IT PASS YOU BY! Participation in the PFA Phone-In Mini-Lease Program is being offered on a limited basis to a select group of people to "test the waters". By getting in now you will have little or even NO COMPETITION! And we know that there are literally thousands of potential clients in your area. Here is a unique, new and important financial program where you can get in on the ground floor -- RIGHT NOW!

Here are some important reasons you must REGISTER TODAY:

· Potentially our most lucrative program ever!     · Totally NEW business opportunity - needed in your area NOW!
· Pick your own commission from 3%  to 10%!    · Easy work Full or Part-time .., no experience needed!               
· Easy to operate -- phone approval!                     · Ground floor opportunity with complete training and support!   


Since those Mini-Lease Brokers who register early will earn most of the money, it's important that you decide NOW. Let us know immediately by phoning (949) 240-0404 to reserve your place with your credit card, or send in the special computer-coded Mini-Lease Broker Registration form by scrolling down below. The complete PFA Phone-In Mini-Lease Program is only $195.00.


If you have any questions call us at (949) 240-0404 From 7 am - 6 p.m. PST M-F.

We are anxious to: Have YOU on the winning PFA Team!

Thank you for this opportunity to help build your financial future while we expand our PFA network of Registered Associates. If you have any questions what-so-ever, I encourage you to please call me personally at (949) 240-0404 and I will be happy to help you. Otherwise I look forward to welcoming you as part of the winning PFA team.

Very truly yours,

Martin Eisler
  Martin Eisler

PS. Just starting out? First time in business??
PFA will provide EXTRA support and we'll  include the "Municipal Leasing Start-Up" Bonus  Program - No additional cost especially for you - Just let us know!

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