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Loan Packaging & Funding

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The PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program

An indispensable advanced informational resource for anyone contemplating actively pursuing loan brokerage. Learn how to successfully package loan requests and submit them for funding. Takes you beyond the PFA Registered Loan Broker Program to allow you to go after those really BIG loans. Now you too can join the ranks of the worlds leading money professionals who have spent a lifetime learning these trade secrets. THEIR PROFESSIONAL SECRETS CAN NOW BE YOURS!

The Program includes:

  • LENDER SPOTLIGHT – Which lenders are looking for specialized financing – Computerized List!
  • PACKAGE FOR NEW LENDERS – Increase your coverage AND your sphere of influence!!
  • CREDIT WORLD SECRETS – Where to go – How to fund YOUR deal – Insider tips!!!
  • CREDIT FROM THE LENDERS POINT OF VIEW – A must for successful funding in all areas!!!

The Registration is only $200 – A fraction of what you can make from just your first successful funding!

The Secrets of Successful Professional Loan Brokers Are Now Yours In The . . .

PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program

. . . The Techniques of packaging LARGER loans for. . .
                            . . . B I G G E R commissions!

YOU can earn big commissions of $2,000 up to $100,000 and more on just one properly packaged loan submitted to the right lender – once you know the secrets. Now the key to the prestigious and enormously profitable field of arranging large loans into the millions of dollars is yours. Use it to open the door to success and financial security in a professional turn-key business all your own. Get on the fast track to a six-figure income as an Associate Loan Broker with one of the nation’s leading financial service firms who can show you the way, even if you have no prior experience or are just starting out from scratch!

The techniques of packaging a loan application – Actually putting together the "right" information in the "proper" format for the "right" lender to review – are the most important factors in funding the larger loans – the loans that net YOU those bigger commissions and fees. The PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program  will enable you to successfully package and obtain funding for secured loans from $10,000 to tens of millions of dollars and more!

Now you can earn thousands of additional dollars by successfully packaging and funding LARGER loans for borrowers worldwide. Compare these features:

    • Large loans, both secured and unsecured with NO MAXIMUM!
    • Packaging guide with all forms and lenders included!!
    • Arrange loans through SBA, VA, FHA FNMA and more!!!

Yes, here is your opportunity to join the ranks of the nation’s leading money professionals, who have spent a lifetime learning the secrets of how to package loan applications and where to submit them to best enhance their chances for funding. By simply the money needs of borrowers anywhere in the world with our network of secured lenders worldwide who are ready to lend millions, you too can reap the rewards previously available to only a select few professionals in the field.



Professional Financial Associates, a recognized leader in the field of finance, has designed this program to include invaluable information which clearly illustrates the techniques and "trade secrets" that will help even a rank amateur work smart and begin to make the kind of money most people only dream about. The PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program reveals everything needed to a client’s application for successful loan funding – with a multitude of lenders throughout the U.S. . . . and the world!

With this complete system from PFA you will be able to assist a diverse array of people, in all types of businesses and professions and in a multitude of lending arenas - all while you earn a substantial "professional:" income for yourself! Regardless of the size of the financing, YOU will be able to "put it together" and cash in on this multi-million dollar industry.


Finding the right lender to satisfy a client’s needs has always been a difficult and time-consuming problem. NOT ANYMORE! Using the latest high-speed data processing equipment coupled with electronic mail we have compiled the most current "data base" of information the leading lending institutions outlining exactly where their primary lending interest are TODAY! Every Associate receive the most recent edition of our copyrighted Manual and Computerized Directory of Secured Lenders, all of whom are funding loans in the most lucrative areas of finance: commercial, business and residential.

Step-By-Step you will quickly learn how to establish profitable working relationships with new lenders who will fund nearly every type of loan transaction. You will also learn how to eliminate the "losing" deals while you spot the "real winners" and bring them to the right lender for a successful conclusion. With PFA at your side you can begin expanding your lender contacts and begin funding more clients’ requests, consistently earning top commissions and large fees.


The PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program  includes a detailed information resource written in an easy to understand step-by-step format, approached from the lender’s point of view. Everything you need to succeed is provided in this complete turn-key system including:

. Complete easy to follow, step-by-step     . Lender’s insight into what will "fly"
   instructions                                                  and instructions what won’t
. Samples of all forms and applications      . Professionally designed brochures and ads
. Computerized Directory of Secured         . Complete training and continuing support
  Lenders Worldwide                                    . One Year Access to Brokers Extra-Net!!


As leaders in this field we know how important our Brokers are – and we want you to be a successful member of the team. That is why we have developed this sophisticated advanced brokerage system in a simple to follow format, which will clearly explain what your successful packages must contain and what should be left out! Learn to prepare submissions for the lowest rates, along with the highest commissions! Increase your approval ratio – Know exactly what lenders look for. Learn to spot the good deals with this VERITABLE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INFORMATION ON ALL TYPES OF LOANS!

REMEMBER: One properly packaged submission to the right lender easily pays you back 100 times over! Your earning potential as an Associate Loan Broker can be tremendous – Once you know what it takes to properly package a loan request and actually get it funded!

In addition, you will receive a guide to a multitude of new services – a veritable encyclopedia of information on ALL types of loans, many of which are only available through selected sources, and all of which will be revealed to you – complete with appropriate forms and packaging instructions! Now you can offer loans sponsored or guaranteed through Government Agencies, including; FNMA, VA, SBA, FHA – AND MORE!!


    • SECRETS OF THE CREDIT WORLD Where to go - How to fund YOUR deal – Insider’s Tips!
    • CREDIT FROM THE LENDER’S POINT OF VIEWKnow exactly what the banks are looking for!
    • PACKAGE FOR NEW LENDERS – Increase your coverage – Expand your sphere of influence!
    • LENDER SPOTLIGHT Know which lenders are looking for certain specialized financing – Do it right!


Best of all, Professional Financial Associates provides continuing support through its unique Broker Network. As an Associate Loan Broker you will have unlimited use of our Broker Hot-Line for fast answers to all your questions. And you will have the added advantage of our Computer Data Center to provide updated information on new lenders, new lending programs, and information on where the deals are being made. NO OTHER COMPANY CAN PROVIDE THIS CALIBER OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICE!

The PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program  is an absolute requirement for every financial professional who takes his business seriously. And, for the beginner just starting out, there is no better way to learn the ropes other than enduring years of trial and error. Put our experience to work for you TODAY and make money with every type of financing your clients may require –


The PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program  is "required reading" for every professional serious about this business. Register TODAY and begin making more money as you expand your Full Service Financial Brokerage business.

The one-time fee to register in the highly acclaimed PFA Professional Loan Packaging & Funding Program is only $200.00. This is a fraction of what you can make with just your first successfully funded transaction. Register today with the special Registration Form Below, or for INSTANT REGISTRATION with any Major Credit Card call (949) 240-0404.


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