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Q. Why do you need me?

A. We cannot possibly hope to develop all the same local working relationships that you can as a PFA Corporate Finance Broker. We do not want to hire the people and create the additional overhead required. We, like other financial institutions, are moving toward the new world of independent contractors whereby we can pay higher commissions and spend more on training. You already have a head start in your own area we will provide the direction you need to be successful.

Q. Where do I find clients?

A.. With a foundation of over 500,000 companies nationwide, you can find clients almost anywhere. Your only initial qualification is that the company has $5 Million or more in annual sales. You need only to speak with other professionals in the normal course of your business day, using the techniques and questionnaires provided in our materials and you will begin to identify prospects. Remember, the most successful people in the world accumulate their wealth through other people. Identify any institution with a constant flow of people seeking financing and you will find clients.

Q. What types of companies qualify?

A. Any company with $5 Million or more in sales that is seeking additional capital for expansion, mergers or acquisition, or survival financing, is an ideal candidate for a referral. Every prospective client can be pre-screened by you in advance to see if they can qualify. Then you must register your client and put them in touch with the network.

Q. How will I get paid?

A. Once your client is accepted by the Network, your compensation is protected by the PFA Corporate Financial Network, and is paid directly to you in two stages:

  1. If your referral should go no further than an on-site inspection by members of our team of experts, you will be paid for that referral.
  2. In addition, once the company you have referred receives the funding, you are paid again upon funding, and handsomely at that!

Q. Must I have a license?

A.  As a Corporate Finance Broker you are referring your client to the PFA Corporate Financial Network. No special license is required to make the introduction or receive your compensation.



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