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                        Check Control
               Bad Check Recovery Program

                                                    YOU CAN MAKE MONEY

                      FROM OTHER PEOPLE'S BAD CHECKS!


Yes, incredible as it may sound, you can begin earning some really heavy money – a steady stream of cash income -- simply by helping ALL types of businesses solve the problem of receiving "BAD" checks from their customers. In fact, by participating in the PFA CHECK CONTROL PROGRAM, you can walk in to literally any business in town and walk out with cash in your pocket -- while the merchant is assured of virtually eliminating his present and future losses from NSF and ACCOUNT CLOSED bad checks -- FOREVER!  All this without having to pay a percentage of gross sales to insure each check!!

The CHECK CONTROL PROGRAM is brand new, yet the "pent-up" demand for this type of service has been building for as long as businesses have been receiving customer checks! You see, every business in the country -- retail, wholesale, manufacturing or service -- accepts checks for payment. And each and every business has, at one time or another, had checks returned by their bank un-cashed. HELPING BUSINESSES GET BACK THE MONEY THAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS PRESENTS AN UNLIMITED MARKETING OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!

The most common reasons for returned checks are non-sufficient funds (NSF) when there is not enough money in the customer's account, or the account was closed (ACCOUNT CLOSED) either by the bank or even at the customer's own request. In either case the check should never have been written -- and the merchant who unknowingly accepted that check loses. ASK ANY BUSINESS OWNER IF THEY HAVE EVER HAD THIS PROBLEM AND THE ANSWER WILL BE YES – EVERY TIME!


HERE IS WHERE YOU FIT IN! In the past a business owner had little or no hope of recovering lost money without a great expenditure of both time and effort. But now the CHECK CONTROL PROGRAM can provide all merchants everywhere with a brand new system to solve their bad check problems in three simple steps:

    1. PREVENTION: The comprehensive CHECK CONTROL MERCHANT CHECK PROTECTION SYSTEM will help stop bad checks cold -- before they start!
    2. RECOVERY: The proprietary CHECK CONTROL MERCHANT CHECK RECOVERY SYSTEM will help to put cash back into the merchant's hands if any NSF or ACCOUNT CLOSED checks are ever received -- GUARANTEED!
    3. CONVERSION: The unique CHECK ALERT PURCHASE SYSTEM will allow the merchant to convert any uncollected checks remaining into cash by actually "selling" these checks for a guaranteed CASH payment! No other company can offer to buy these bad checks!

BEST OF ALL, YOU can earn big money from the ongoing stream of repeat business helping merchants and businesses end their bad check worries each and every business day! JUST THINK OF HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN MAKE WHEN EVERY BUSINESS IN TOWN IS ANXIOUS TO BE YOUR CUSTOMER!

As a PFA Check Control Representative YOU will be providing a much needed service to businesses in your community, while YOU BENEFIT BY RECEIVING CASH FROM 3 DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS!

    1. You will make money by introducing the business owner to the CHECK ALERT MERCHANT ASSOCIATION (CAMA), a national group dedicated to protecting all of its members from bad check losses. Every member in good standing receives the MERCHANT CHECK PROTECTION KIT -- the first line of defense against bad checks.
    2. You will continue to make more money as merchants use AND re-use the MERCHANT CHECK RECOVERY KIT (MCR Kit) -- an easy and effective way to recover the full value of funds that are lost when a customer's check goes bad.
    3. And finally you will receive even more money as an additional BONUS whenever CHECK ALERT converts the merchant's remaining "hard-core" bad checks to cash by actually purchasing outright those checks which have still proven to be uncollectable. When CHECK ALERT buys a check both you AND the merchant get paid!

No other business is as well-received, simple to operate or as quick to generate profits -- AND YOU CAN START MAKING MONEY THE DAY YOU RECEIVE YOUR CHECK CONTROL MATERIALS!


· Camera-Ready Ads  Generates Referrals - FAST! · Sample CAMA Membership Materials & MCR Kit - Easy to sell, easy to use!
· Camera-Ready Letters & Brochures  Professionally Designed · Flip Chart Presentation Materials makes your job EASY!
·  Put your Best Foot Forward from "·  Put your Best Foot Forward from "Day One"!   · Comprehensive Manual with easy to follow Step-By-Step Instructions

Here is a complete Turn-Key business representing a "ground floor" opportunity never before available!


CHECK CONTROL is not a collection agency or collection system. Agencies typically can charge fees as high as 50% of the amount collected, and most will not even consider accepting bad check accounts at all!  CHECK CONTROL is completely different because we actually will pay a merchant cash for his or her uncollectable NSF and ACCOUNT CLOSED checks. That's right, actually pay cash (as much as 10-30 cents on the dollar) for all qualified checks that remain uncollected after Check Recovery.

No other company can match this offer.

Check Control Program Benefits

» Make Money From Other Peoples Bad Checks!!

» A Perfect Turn-Key Home-Based Business!

» Low Start-Up Costs & Residual Weekly Income!


Make no mistake, CHECK CONTROL is totally unique and unlike any other business or financial service ever made available. The best part is that it's easy for you to make big money fast because the CHECK CONTROL SYSTEM literally sells itself! All businesses have bad checks -- YOU CAN HELP THEM ALL AND CASH IN!

GET STARTED MAKING BIG MONEY NOW: Click on the link Below to Register On-Line NOW!!

Or, Print-Out  the Pre-Approved Registration Form and Fax or Mail it in with your one-time Registration Fee of only $295.00. We will rush complete program materials back to you so you can get started IMMEDIATELY! For INSTANT REGISTRATION call (949) 240-0404 and charge it to any major credit card. The sooner you register the more money you will make. WHY NOT GET STARTED TODAY!

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Businesses all over the country accept checks from customers. What can they do when customer checks "Bounce"? Before Check Control there really wasn't much a merchant could do. Now Check Control provides the solution to the bad check problem -- a solution that can put money in your pocket. Here's how it works:


When a merchant is notified that a customer check has not been honored he is on his way to a triple loss. He loses the money he thought he had -- but has no longer; he loses the merchandise or service the customer has received -- without payment... and he loses time and potential new customers by chasing after the bad check writer. The sad fact is that most bad check writers don't make good -- and that means that most merchants lose.   In fact these bad checks can be found on bulletin boards, under counter tops or in drawers in almost every business across America. There they gather dust and cobwebs -- a memorial to the bad check writers everywhere and a thorn in the side of each and every business.


Check Control has the solution! Any merchant who participates in the program need never fear receiving a bad check again. If a bad check is received, the business owner simply takes a moment to complete and send the powerful "Dishonored Check Notice" (DCN) by certified mail.  The DCN brings results -- quickly. This attention-getting notice causes bad check writers to respond -- and send the merchant the money they owe. The result -- participating merchants recover their money with minimum time and expense.  And what if a bad check writer does not respond? With Check Control -- NO PROBLEM. The merchant simply sends the actual bad check to Check Alert headquarters who in turn sends the merchant cash -- completing the process, and providing the maximum cash return. ONLY CHECK CONTROL PAYS CASH FOR BAD CHECKS!


Check Control is a business service with universal appeal that is easy to sell -- and can be very profitable for you. Your first step to profits is to simply show our proven sales material to any merchant -- and sign him up as a member When you do, you get paid.  Then periodically call on your client to be certain they have enough DCN's to send to the bad check writers. As they use them up, you can help them re-order more -- and again you make money  But most important you will also make money for each and every check that the merchant sells to Check Alert. Yes, cash flow to you from three directions quickly, easily -- and regularly!  Steady money and security are yours with Check Control.

The Registration fee is only $295. Help businesses recover the cash they’re currently throwing away! A perfect Stand-Alone Business!!

By registering NOW, you will become a Charter Associate ensuring your position and your ultimate success. Don't delay... Register today!

The one-time cost for this exciting and profitable financial service is only $295.00 - A fraction of what you stand to make from your first account!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either by phone; (949) 240-0404 or by e-mail; -  we will be happy to help you.

By Ordering TODAY you will be getting the jump on what it takes to move your financial brokerage to the next level.  For instant confirmation of your registration call (949) 240-0404 with any major credit card and charge it. Either way the next step is yours -

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                               any circumstances and payment is non-refundable once you have 
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PFA Check Control  Program S-295 $295.00

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