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Today, you can make BIG MONEY in leasing helping both individuals & businesses obtain vehicles, and equipment, while you collect lucrative  commissions and bonuses.  The leasing industry is in a phenomenal growth phase, affording you the opportunity for increased income & financial security. Best of all it's easy... once you know HOW!

Now, through one of the nation's largest financial service firms, you can enter this exciting new field. Announcing PFA Advanced Leasing Systems. Here is the LATEST resource containing EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SPECIALIZE IN THE LUCRATIVE EQUIPMENT LEASING MARKET! This is an all inclusive Program that contains your 'turn-key' entry into business as a leasing broker, a vendor's agent and ultimately learn how to establish YOUR OWN Leasing Company and have Brokers working for you!


   Leasing is like renting! Most businesses simply do not have the ready cash-on-hand to buy new
     equipment; cash that could easily be put to more productive use if retained as working capital.
     And businesses are reluctant to borrow from their bank to obtain purchase money, bogging down
     their existing credit lines. Leasing is the smart business alternative an extremely attractive
     alternative that can earn BIG commissions for you!

When a business leases equipment they pay a small "rental" payment each month for a 3 to 5 year period. At the end of the lease they have several convenient choices they can own the equipment (for a small fraction of its original cost), they can trade up for even newer, more modern equipment, or they can simply continue leasing at a greatly reduced rate. Because leasing does not require a large amount of cash, businesses get the use of brand new "expensive" equipment at "minimal" cost  and you can pocket a commission every time!


Leasing is a tried and true method of business financing that has been around for many years. But most  business people know more about their own business than they do about financing methods such as leasing. HERE IS WHERE YOU FIT IN! We need YOU to show businesses how to save money and increase productivity the smart way by taking advantage of the many benefits which leasing has to offer. Selling the idea of leasing is easy once you know how! And the PFA Advanced Leasing Systems will show YOU, in simplified terms, everything you need to cash in on this tremendous emerging market!

     Here are examples of some of the many benefits leasing can offer all of your business clients:

· LEASING PROVIDES A CHOICE Select needed equipment from ANY Vendor Make the best deal  possible (Minimum equipment value $10,000- Up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars!).

. LEASING CONSERVES CAPITAL Very little cash is required. Most leases require only 1 or 2 advance rental payments–much less than a down payment to “buy”.

· LEASING MINIMIZES OBSOLESCENCE Having newer equipment means fewer repairs AND less down time. Take full advantage of the latest technology.

                 . LEASING SAVES TAX DOLLARS Lease payments on business equipment are
                  100% tax –deductible. Decrease estimated tax payments thereby increasing cash flow
                  AND productivity.

Every business, large or small, needs equipment and furnishings to operate AND every piece of new equipment added can mean big commissions for you on:  

. Office Equipment . Telephone, Interconnect, PBX & VoIP . Computer & Peripherals
. Steel Buildings . Medical & Dental Equipment . Construction Equipment
. Machine Tools . Farm & Agricultural Equipment . Furniture & Fixtures

Leasing offers many benefits to YOUR CLIENTS...

-- Minimal Capital Outlay -- Tax Deductible Payments -- Increased Productivity --

                                                        And leasing offers an important benefit to YOU...

Incredible potential earnings -- Commissions of $5,000... $15,000... $25,000 and more --

Grab your share of this lucrative growth industry...TODAY!

Once a business knows how easy and beneficial leasing can be, you simply help them complete your simplified application and mail it in for approval. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Presently over35% of all new equipment put into service by business is leased. Estimates show this will increase to 50% by the end of next year, and future projections estimate 75% within 3 years! The potential in this fast growing market is virtually unlimited. The time to act is NOW!


Finding clients for leases is easy, and PFA Advanced Leasing Systems will show you how to make money in three important ways:

WORK WITH CLIENTS -- Work directly with clients who need equipment. Simply explain the benefits, help them fill out the application and forward it for fast approval and funding. Everything can be handled by telephone and by mail. Our comprehensive training materials provide everything you'll need!

WORK WITH VENDORS -- Contact vendors, manufacturers and distributors who currently sell, distribute or manufacture equipment. Show them how you can help them move even more of their equipment FASTER using YOUR easy lease financing to help close more sales! Their own sales people will gladly handle all the paperwork for you!

WORK WITH BANKS -- Contact banks and get the financing referrals they can't handle! Or even establish your own leasing company with your own banking contacts to receive maximum profits. We will show you how!

                     The PFA Advanced Leasing Systems PROGRAM AND YOU!

The leasing industry is in a phenomenal growth phase -- NOW. This truly affords you the opportunity of a lifetime for increased income and financial security. Best of all it's easy., once you know how! The PFA Advanced Leasing Systems was designed to take full advantage of  the current trends in  business and put more commission dollars in your pocket -- RIGHT NOW! Here is a sample of what you will receive when you register in the exciting new PFA Advanced Leasing Systems:

. Comprehensive Professional Reference Manual . Easy Step-by-Step Method for Success
. Complete Information on ALL Phases of Leasing . Professionally Prepared Advertising
. Complete Training & Continuing Support . Deal-Direct with Prestigious Leasing Companies Worldwide!

Leasing has emerged as one of the most profitable areas of financing for the Full Service Financial Broker because it offers a tremendous amount of repeat business from an ever increasing client base. The client leasing a new telephone system today may need new equipment or machinery tomorrow, and will continue to need more as they grow! Financial security can be yours today!!

Advanced Leasing Systems was designed to meet the critical need of businesses through the specialized area of equipment leasing. Now you can handle your clients' equipment financing needs in all these areas:





  • OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                                  







    Leasing has become the most popular method of financing vehicles and equipment. Now you too can have INSTANT ACCESS to the nation's leaders in lease financing. You begin by acting as a lease broker and move up to starting your own leasing company. Learn all about the industry from every 'angle' - client, broker, vendor and leasing company.  Your potential is unlimited - but the time to act is NOW! Here is what you receive in this exciting new program:

· Comprehensive professional reference manual

· Complete information on all phases of leasing

· Complete training and support

· Easy step-by-step method

· Professional camera-ready artwork

· Deal direct with nationwide sources

Leasing is one of the most profitable areas of financing you can handle, because it offers a tremendous amount of repeat referral business. As businesses discover how easy it is to expand by leasing new equipment, your commissions will compound themselves as old and new clients keep coming back again & again!

Leasing offers many benefits to your clients, and leasing offers YOU some of the highest potential earnings in the industry - $1,000 ... $5,000 ···$10,000 and more·

Presently over 25% of all new equipment put into service by business is leased Estimates show this will increase to 50% by the end of 1999. And the projection for 2005 will be 75%! The potential in this market is virtually unlimited. Grab your share of this lucrative growth industry TODAY) 

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS TREMENDOUS NEW MARKET! The complete system is only $290.00. Send in your registration NOW!)

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS TREMENDOUS NEW MARKET! The complete PFA Advanced Leasing Systems Program is only $290.00. Send in your registration today using the special Registration form below. We will process your registration the same day it's received and rush the entire package to you so you can get started -- IMMEDIATELY!  

If you have any questions call us at (949) 240-0404 From 7 am - 6 p.m. PST M-F.

We are anxious to: Have YOU on the winning PFA Team!

Thank you for this opportunity to help build your financial future while we expand our PFA network of Registered Associates. If you have any questions what-so-ever, I encourage you to please call me personally at (949) 240-0404 and I will be happy to help you. Otherwise I look forward to welcoming you as part of the winning PFA team.

Very truly yours,

Martin Eisler
  Martin Eisler

PS. Just starting out? First time in business??
PFA will provide EXTRA support and we'll  include the "Municipal Leasing Start-Up" Bonus  Program - No additional cost especially for you - Just let us know!

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