PFA Master Leasing Agency Program

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  (714) 242-1458
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OK PFA... I WANT TO START MY OWN LEASING COMPANY and have access to leases of all types including; Commercial leases, Mini-Leases, Maxi-Leases, Large Institutional Leases, Personal Leases,  Municipal Leasing and more! Here's my specially reduced Registration of only $350.00 US FUNDS ONLY (I save $100!). All Registrations for a LIMITED TIME  will also receive the PFA Money Marketing Methods Program  ($150 Value) Absolutely FREE -  bringing the total value up to $600 - So Please Include mine FREE  -I am Registering NOW !! Rush the complete PFA Master Leasing Agency PROGRAM and the FREE PFA Money Marketing Methods Program so I can start hiring Brokers ... NOW! ... NOW!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are NOT already Registered as a PFA Registered Broker yet, (you'll need  register in order to receive your commissions), you can do so now for only $100 more, for a total of only $450 - You save an additional $50 from our special Internet pricing on that one program alone!!  You will also be eligible to process a variety of other loans and sale-leasebacks as well. For additional information on the many financing programs available to you as a PFA Registered Broker <--- Click Here

To Include the PFA Registered Broker Program With The PFA Master Leasing Agency, and save an additional $50, you MUST Also Check the Box Below:

  Include my Registration in the
PFA Registered Broker Program.  
I have enclosed an additional $100 for a Total of $450 USD.
     Please RUSH the
PFA Registered Broker Program materials to me as well.

PFA REGISTERED BROKER ID# (If already a PFA Broker): __________

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ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________

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E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________

DAYTIME - WORK PHONE # __________________________________

EVENING - HOME PHONE # __________________________________

Registrations must include CHECK, MONEY ORDER OR CHARGE to:

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Credit Card # __________________________ Exp. Date_______

Signature _____________________________________________
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